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Growing Food - Urban Agriculture Projects

Contra Dancing - Pilgrim's Progression dance weekend

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Community participatory activities such as music, dancing, and growing food connect people with one another.    We value the sharing of skills and knowledge, and cooperation & collaboration to build a vibrant community.

Lawrence Folk supports the rich fabric of folklife activities occurring in our region and is making plans to support many of these community-enriching groups by developing a functional facility, the Heartland Folklife Center.  The unique function of the folklife center would compliment our community’s commitment to the arts.    

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Lawrence Folk will also be developing a community folklife activity calendar, making it easier to find and participate in folk music, dance and other folklife activities.  We are also finishing up an email database so that you can keep in touch via a newsletter.


Calendar improvements are under development at this time.  This notice will be removed when this becomes more functional.Lawrence Folk Collaborative Events  Community folklife events  





This site is filled with links to and amazing number of local community groups and activities.  Community Groups & Activities  



Learn more about Folklife. What is folklife?   

Look at examples successful facilities & programs across the United States.  Similar successful organizations  



February 3, 2018  Scandinavian Winter Party


Details can be found by clicking this link or

by clicking here for a flyer


Heartland Traditional Music and Dance Festival - informational video

Our Festival and website updates

The Heartland Traditional Music and Dance Festival, aka CDSS Centennial Tour Stop concluded a few days ago.  The large event ran very smoothly and provided an array of options for participants.

Website updates were recently completed, adding a photo gallery from the festival’s events that can be accessed by clicking here.   A new page has also been added about American Folklife that comes from the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.   It can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Lawrence Folk will be focusing on the non-profit application process and will be giving immediate attention to the building opportunity that is currently available.