Lawrence Folk is currently applying for non-profit status and is governed by an advisory committee.


Moving Forward

To move this project forward, we need your help.   We need to continue building a passionate and diverse leadership team.  This project IS possible.   A strong interest, a focus on the goal, community collaboration and effective fundraising can make this idea a reality.     Imagine the positive impact of creating a functional space to facilitate worthwhile and wholesome community activities!   If some part of this project fits with your interests, passion and time, please contact us.  Contact Byron Wiley  or  841-2829 for more information.

The current governing committee is as follows:

Byron Wiley – Primary leadership and vision.   Webmaster.

Lauralyn Bodle

Jill Allen

John Webb – Treasurer

Susan Rieger

Dena Friesen

Cecilia McDonald

Kathy Nace – advisory


Photo Credits –

Byron Wiley, Theresa Martin, Geraldine Dotson