Heartland Traditional Music and Dance Festival - Informational video


The mission of the Lawrence CDSS Centennial Tour stop is to build, energize, and diversify our traditional dance, music, and song community, while enhancing collaboration between local and regional groups and building for the future.

Heartland Traditional Music and Dance Festival

The traditional dance and music groups of Lawrence held a special music and dance event in Lawrence during the week of November 17 – 22, 2015. This week long event involved residencies in local schools and Kansas University as well as a 4 day weekend of workshops and dances, with many opportunities to learn, dance, make music, sing, and strengthen relationships within our community and with other like-minded regional communities. This event was produced in collaboration with, and with financial support from the national organization, Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS), with whom several of our collaborating groups are affiliate members.    Informational Flyer


”CDSS believes that participatory arts change lives, and the CDSS mission is to spread joy and build community through dance, music, and song…   … our Centennial Tour — a major project CDSS is planning for our Centennial in 2015, when we will celebrate 100 years of dance, music, and song, and the CDSS role in it. A major goal of all Centennial projects is to share and affirm the CDSS commitment that we will be around to support and serve you – dancers, singers, musicians, dance callers, song leaders, and organizers — for another 100 years.”  CDSS Centennial Tour link