Some ways to fund, support and sustain the future facility

1)  Initial fundraising efforts might focus on groups and individuals who might use the facility

2)  Organize a community capital fundraising campaign.

3)  We will seek grants (local and national level) to help with programming and staffing.  Once a building is secured, grants may be able to help with some upgrades.

4)  The building use fees would provide a portion of the income required run and maintain the facility.   Spaces in the building can also be rented to groups and individuals to provide additional supporting income.

5)  Another option for long term funding would be the initial incorporation of some commercial rental property as part of the facility and to use the rental income to support the enterprise partially or entirely (also to pay down a mortgage).

6)  One very creative, exciting, and successful financing model involved equity partners and an LLC that governs the property.   Over time that investment can be paid back through efforts mentioned in #5 above while keeping use fees reasonable.


Current Fundraising Status

We expect to have our non-profit status by 2016. Monies received now and in the future will be applied towards the development of a functional facility, organizational office supplies and website.

Organizational Status

Lawrence Folk is currently applying for non-profit status and is governed by an advisory committee.

Grants received

Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission (LCAC) grant – awarded May 2015

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)